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Experience a connection to thought leaders, innovators, and expertise in a brand new way.  


A unique collection of experiences designed to Advance, Educate, and Empower the next generation of leaders.

Are you ready for Something Different?

"We are on a mission to use our platform as a conduit that bridges the gap and advances the next generation of leaders." - Jaq

Get training as a financial advisor, wealth management strategy and advice

We provide investor education for people of all ages--Children, Youth, Adults

Book PEARLS for your next event: Passionate, Energetic, Authentic, Rewarding & Lively Speaker and Storyteller


Why JaQperience?

Business leaders and entrepreneurs, from Main Street, to Wall Street, understand that access to the best and brightest resources is instrumental in achieving personal and professional growth.  However, it's not that a lack of resources is the problem, as resources are in abundance… But the lack of experience and expertise on how to attract the right resources is the problem our clients are facing, causing them to fall behind in achieving their strategic goals and priorities. Our clients are searching for guidance, as they are tired of the status quo and desire to be connected to the resources they need to deploy a winning strategy. JaQperience helps their clients to think outside the box and disrupt the traditional methods of advancement.  

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Our Purpose

To connect our clients to the resources they need to deploy a winning strategy.


V. Randle

If you're looking for a high energy and equally educated financial educator, look no further! My organization enlisted the expertise of Jaq for a 4-part financial webinar during the COVID-19 quarantine. Although we had to do each installment virtually via Zoom - Jaq was nothing but professional and able to adapt. She touched every topic and question posed - debt, entrepreneurship, college savings, investments, wealth accumulation, etc. Most importantly, her dedication to her community and building generational wealth is admirable.


D. Sanchez

I had the awesome opportunity to have worked with Jaq as a speaker for a leadership series for ASAE on Empowering Women Leaders. The course on Intersectionality and Leadership in which Jaq was a speaker was an amazing experience. As a speaker she is an amazing storyteller and she is adept at captivating listeners while engaging you so that you feel as though she is speaking directly to solving your problem. She’s absolutely amazing and I am so honored to have met her and had the chance to have worked with her.


P. Stallworth

In a word, Jackie is fabulous! I recently interviewed her on Financial Boss Radio. She is passionate, very knowledgeable, open and transparent. During the interview, she shared details about her upcoming venture plus wisdom for anyone looking to start a business. She was such a great guest and she has an open invitation to come back at any time.


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