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If I Don’t Have Your Back, Then Who Will?

I remember one of my original industry mentors...He surrounded me with multiple million-dollar producers and top investment advisors to give me advanced level exposure to the investment business.

He spent the time helping me successfully pass my Series 7 exam.

He helped me learn how to become an investor for myself because he wanted me to be a woman OF wealth, not just a woman in wealth.

He sponsored my attendance to industry masterclasses and events to further my knowledge and network.

He was a champion for differences


He created multiple ways to keep our team engaged.

He ensured we maintained the utmost respect for one another.

I felt equal to my peers.

He presented me with my first briefcase at a surprise team dinner when I passed my Series 7 exam.

He defined leadership, responsibility, and trust.

He took the time to get to know me, my background, and my family.

I introduced him to my bonus father after work one day, and he looked him in the eyes and told him, "I will ensure that Jackie is a success under my watch."

"He took time to get to know me, my background, and my family."

My original mentor was a middle-aged white man who never made me feel less than extraordinary.

He exposed me to high net worth individuals, institutional investors, municipalities, portfolio managers, asset managers, and a team of top advisors (many of whom were white as well.)

They provided me with the best support, the best mentorship, and the best onboarding experience in wealth management I could have ever asked for.

It was a true world-class employee experience.

When I think of a Master Mentor, that’s him.

He had my back and covered me in a way that felt like the little girl in the picture above, being watched over by her father.

He was more than a mentor...

He was a father figure who took time to really invoke wisdom, knowledge, and guidance.

He set the bar high when it came to mentors.

Every mentor I’ve had since him, I secretly compare to his leadership and commitment to my success.

He saw more than just “Doing the right thing,” he saw a future in me, and for people that looked like me.

He saw the "me" in this moment, because his commitment to my success was a long-term vision.

That’s what he told my dad.

He told my dad…

“If I Don’t Have Her Back, Then Who Will?”

I am now blessed to use the skills I was taught over 20 years ago to advance the careers of talented financial advisors. Because I learned from one of the best industry mentors on the planet, I always consider it an honor to share my experience and expertise with advisors who are serious about accelerating their careers.

I am forever indebted to him, and the entire wealth management team from 1999, my First Family of Finance!

“If I Don’t Have Her Back, Then Who Will?”

"Sending my First Family of Finance BIG hugs if you are out there! Thank you for believing in me and supporting my career goals. The mentorship you gave me has propelled me further than I could ever have imagined. I want you to know that you’re getting some good “ROI” on your investment! I am forever grateful that you saw greatness in me."

In closing, please consider this.

Who needs you to have their back?

How can you leverage your influence, wisdom, and power to empower the next generation of leaders?

Who will be saying to you, 21 years from now...

"Thank you for having my back."

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