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About JaQperience

With organizations and individuals experiencing a shift to the ‘new normal’ by adapting to the expansion of the “virtual” reality world we live and operate in, it is with great honor that our team at JaQperience is in place for such a time as this.  Additionally, given recent issues of civil and social unrest, we have seen an uptick in demand for innovation, strategic planning, and advice.  We believe it's our responsibility to be on assignment for our clients during these unprecedented times, by providing thoughtful guidance and counsel. We’ve been preparing and anticipating such changes, so we are pleased to have our dynamic team of experts here to help guide you along the way.

Our Mission

is to advance, educate, and empower the next generation of leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists.  


Our Purpose

is to connect our clients to the resources they need to deploy a winning strategy.


Our Objective

is to address the opportunities, obstacles, and options for our network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists.


JaQperience was originally founded in January 2018, as a solution for women’s empowerment and advancement. However, due to the current demand for leadership from all backgrounds, our firm recently expanded our service offering, to working with individuals and organizations seeking innovative solutions and breakthrough performance.  Our clients are serious about keeping up with the rapidly changing and unpredictable future, and they are ready for something different.

Our mission is to address the needs of our very important professional network of business leaders, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders by understanding the following areas;  

Opportunities, Obstacles, Options, and Outcomes

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